Will this happen again in 2010?

Here we are, a few weeks away from arguably the most important election in my lifetime, and over the past few days I have publicly voiced my frustration with the Missouri Republican Party. As a result, some have expressed their ‘displeasure’ with me.

Now let’s see if I have this straight, according to these wounded individuals, I am ‘a democrat operative’ trying to jeopardize the Turk campaign and basically ALL of the local Missouri republican candidates….by providing ammo to my cohorts in the liberal media. There, whew, I think that’s all. OH, and in essence, I need to ‘back off’.

Screw ’em.  They SHOULD be mad, but not at me.

The notion that I am a liberal is baseless and laughable. I have been actively soliciting money for Missouri republican candidates since the primaries, and none any stronger than my efforts for the underdog Turk campaign against the Cleaver Machine.  [Go throw Turk some bucks if you can]
“What I am” is a conservative that is ‘tired of losing.’ And if we ARE to win, it will be because of Kansas City conservatives—not the Missouri Republican Party.
Here’s a SHOCKER!  The Republicans did not even bother to field a 2010 candidate for their District 10 State Senate seat (the Kansas City seat).  There is a libertarian candidate, Bob Ludlow.  I know nothing of him, he has no website, but he’s not a democrat.  I’ll vote for Ol’ Bob here.
Now, I am NOT being critical of the many fine, hard-working republican volunteers with their boots on the ground. They are doing everything humanly possible. Specifically, I’m being critical of those who are ‘supposed to be in charge.’
EVEN New Jersey elected a Republican, as did Massachusetts….[okay , okay, but nobody knew Scott Brown was a RINO until after the election].  What is nothing less than remarkable, is that the Democrat Meccas of New Jersey and Massachusetts sent the Democrat home.

Now what will Kansas City do?  We will see very soon.

Now I don’t rely on polls at all, but I also think it is foolish to ignore them.  ElectionProjection.com shows Cleaver winning again. And sadly, there is not a “*possible close race” asterisk beside it.

RealClearPolitics.com and Wikipedia both have an extensive 2010 election pages. The Cleaver-Turk race is not even considered to be competitive, so it’s not included.
Main Street, Kansas City 1909

Since 1909, the democrats have held the Cleaver seat for ‘all but 8 years’ and in fact, a republican butt has not warmed that congressional seat in over 60 years—since the late 1940s. Yup, you read that right. 93 of the last 101 years.

Hmmm, I wonder if it has ANYTHING to do with this glittering factoid… Kansas City is ‘the only major city’ without a republican party headquarters.   The Mental Hospital by the Bay, San Francisco has FOUR. Even Berkeley even has one.
Saturday September 18, 2010
Saturday afternoon, a lady came to my door. I figured she was selling something or wanted to save my soul, but it was neither. Turns out, this very gracious woman was my republican congressional candidate for Missouri’s 45th District, Nola Wood. I promptly introduced Nola to my facebook friends, and shared her page.
Had she not knocked on my door, I still would not know about Nola.
Well, it immediately occurred to me that Nola might not be the only local republican candidate or issue in need of local support, so I called the Kansas City republican headquarters, which is located in Lee’s Summit (as KC does not have one) to get a List of the upcoming local republican candidates and issues.
The Call
A young lady answered the Republican Headquarters phone, and I told her that I was looking for a list of the local republican candidates and issues important to my area. She politely provided me a website, which I promptly typed in while we were still on the phone. I was greeted by an “Under Construction” page. Obviously, I had mis-typed, so I asked her to repeated it. She told me I had the website right, it just hasn’t launched yet.
So I was then directed to the Clay County Republican website. This website has not been updated since almost a month before the primary, on July 14, 2010.
Isn’t there an election or something soon?
Long story short, I was still never provided or guided to a list of the local republican candidates/issues.  But you can download a Sample Ballot here.
This is but one of the many services a local republican headquarters is typically glad, if not obligated to provide.
So with great frustration and redundancy, I repeat, Kansas City is ‘the only major city’ without a republican party headquarters.
Since prior to the 2008 election, I’ve been told multiple times by multiple members of the Missouri Republican Party, that they are just ‘too broke’ to put an office in Kansas City. Really?
Brief Case Study
Hazard Ky (where I grew up) is a small community with one industry economy…that TRULY HAS been decimated. Located in the democratic stronghold of Perry County in the Appalachian Mountains, with a population of less than 10,000–Hazard just opened a GOP Victory Office on Main Street last week.  [good job guys]

I found this by typing “Hazard Republicans” into google…and there it is. You don’t need to add the state. Now for some really big fun, replace “Hazard” with “Kansas City.” If you followed these steps correctly, you should be experiencing a sensation known as ’embarrassment’.

Hazard 1, Kansas City 0

Finally, Whew!
If the Missouri Republican Party is failing to reach republicans, you can bet the ‘rear part of your anatomy” they’re not reaching any independents or sway-able democrats.
If the Missouri Republican Party fails to capitalize on the unprecedented level of anger ‘across this country’ with the Democrat Party, shame on them.  They never will.

Well, at least the Chiefs got tired of losing.