As a hardcore conservative, I was saddened to hear about the less than enthusiastic welcome for the Atlas Shrugged Movie.  Not by the critics, mind you (who didn’t see that coming?) —but by conservatives.   I know it was a limited release, but the absence of conservatives attending this motion picture version of the classic Ayn Rand novel is symptomatic of a larger problem with conservatives.  Oh, it’s fashionable to bitch about a liberal media — but when the rubber hits the road—we couldn’t care less.  Say what you want, but this is glaringly evident by our actions, or lack thereof.

In a time where marxism struts proudly through the white house, and the tentacles of government control are growing throughout every aspect of our daily lives… from your doctor to your freaking toilet, conservatives still don’t get ‘it’.  And “it” is the importance of the media, be it news or entertainment, and how it shapes and conditions our society.

In fact for decades, conservatives never have gotten it.  Today, we seem content with AM radio, Fox News and our blogs.  Congratulations, we lose.

We may win the next election, but until conservatives can loosen the death grip that the secular marxist left has on the media, we are simply delaying the inevitable, Comrades.

Influential conservative websites like Hot Air and Sean Hannity (to mention a couple) are quick to feature stories which are spoon-fed to them by the liberal media.  (Lindsey Lohan, Charlie Sheen, the eyebrowless wonder, Whoopi Goldburg, etc) yet you rarely, if ever, see them promote any of the many like-minded conservative artists.

But make no mistake… almost daily without exception, everyone of these fine conservatives will bitch and moan about the liberal media with their thumbs simultaneously up their collective arse.

Some have complained that Atlas was too ‘low budget’— made without the resources that typically accompany a Hollywood production.  So freaking what?  It’s a damn good movie with an exceptional message.  Most of your conservative artists regardless of their respective fields, won’t be as polished or glitzy as their ‘high-financed’ liberal counterparts…but it’s not lack of talent, it is lack of support and opportunity.

Now Atlas Shrugged is still playing in theatres, and ‘limited release’ means you will need to look for it—so get off your butts and go see it.  Challenge some libs.  Take a group.  And support liberal-free conservative arts.

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