Conservatives whine about the liberal mainstream media…  but when it comes to the majority of conservatives….that’s ALL they do.  Whine.

They still frequent their movies, they still watch their programs, they still buy their music and they still go to their concerts.  That translates into hard-earned conservative dollars going to promote liberal politics & causes.  This is not debatable.

In this New Digital Age America– where victim-hood is a badge of honor, and belief in God is a sign of an inferior mind that cannot fathom the concept of science — liberalism has gradually been sinking its sharp, poisonous and secular teeth deeper and deeper into our society’s input generators: the news and entertainment media.

It was not that long ago that a John Wayne could stand up and profess his love of God and countryand not be classified as the lunatic fringe, as he would be today. Or what about that guy named Elvis that actually recorded gospel albums and allowed himself to be photographed with…dare I say, a republican president?

Today, a “God fearing conservative” is absurdly and slanderously portrayed as a dangerous hair-trigger redneck psycho that may snap at any given second…. so of course the media kings and queens of tolerance & diversity make sure they are blacklisted. Yet we “conservative lemmings” continue to support them with our hard-earned dollars… sometimes even standing in line to do so.

INSIDE BASEBALL:  Conservatives support liberals… Liberals blackball conservatives.  

John Travolta stars as a Wall Street Terrorist

And how come, out of all the movies about terrorists, none are ever radical Muslims?  There was one about a Wall Street Broker Terrorist, but thank goodness the world was save by a military hero subway worker.   Well, anyway, since she is a proud conservative, maybe they’ll consider Victoria Jackson when casting their next terrorist?

A friend of mine coined the phrase “Conservative Entertainment Apathy” and offers up this poignant description: the decades-long process of sitting idly by, as ‘the secular left’ openly conditions an entire generation of voters to enthusiastically welcome ‘marxism’ to the United States of America.

Boom.  Hammer meet nail.

This crap didn’t happen over night, but it absolutely has happened.  For decades, conservatives just left that ‘media thingy’ to those amusing little people called liberals….An Alinsky dream come true.

the liberal gatekeepers of the golden media

Now today, with liberals firmly in place as the media gatekeepers, conservatives need to stop waiting for conservative artists to magically appear in the next big blockbuster film or to appear on the Billboard’s Hot 100…. cuz it ain’t gonna happen.

Remember when The Rolling Stone used to be a rock and roll magazine?

As my friend Reese said, there is a ton of conservative talent… If you don’t know of any, you ain’t lookin’.   We’re talking about actors, writers, musicians, painters, comedians, photographers, sculptors, singers, videographers etc… ALL that share your core beliefs…and nearly all who are scratching and clawing just to get out into the sunlight.  And they damn sure ain’t doing it for the money.  They do it because they love it…. and they’re not sell outs.

Look for ’em.  They have websites.  They’re on facebook, on YouTube and a vast number of other social sites.  Use your google.  When you find an artist you like…tell your friends, odds are that they don’t know.  And if you really enjoy their work, drop a little coinage in their tip jars.

We are absolutely reaping what we sowed, and it was never more evident than during the election of 2008.  With a non-stop cascade of ‘rah-rahs’ and ‘atta boys’ for a Marxist candidate saturating the airwaves…  and all we could do was to stand and watch in disbelief, as he took the oath of office.

Sadly, the apathy is still at unbelievable levels, as I witnessed first-hand just yesterday.  “But I like their music, it has a good beat” …..”But she is a great actress.” …..”He’s cute”  ”’It’s not a big deal’

It IS a big deal.  Don’t be a dumbass.

Remember the power of the dollar.  If we are ever going to loosen ‘the liberal death grip’ on this dangerous and massive anti-American media apparatus, we better start promoting our own.