scroll down for full size imageDue to the vile behavior of the Occupy Wall Street protesters, I'm posting this VIEWER WARNING.

by Joe Dan Gorman, JoeDanMedia

Rather than simply admit that they’re communists…. today’s liberal democrats hide behind mountains of nuanced bull****, sprinkled with new-age liberal definitions that allow words to mean the exact opposite…

To these people, ‘definitions’ are like rules…or laws…or soap.  Who needs ’em?

“It’s not ‘communism’ you ignorant peasant!  It’s more of a socialist-marxist blend with a dash of a progressive-fascism for a nice bourgeois flavoring” – Eurosocialist

Anyone who does not believe that “Democrat is the new communism” need look no further than ‘the declared enemies of the USA’  that populate the Democrat Party’s “Friends List.”

"Dude, this is SO going on my facebook"

For years, democrats seem to achieve some type of orgasmic delight at the mere mention of Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez.  Now, our democrat heros of social justice including our disastrous commander-in-chief Obama are embracing the ‘Woodstock on Wall Street freaks,’ (who publicly take dumps on police cars and on American flags).  And among their list of  ridiculous demands is THIS glittering jewel, check it out:  They want a “guaranteed $20 per hour living wage— even if you don’t have a job.”   You may ‘lol’ now.  LOL

And who else is standing in solidarity with the Democrats and these unwashed Wall Street malcontents?  Well, none other than the American Nazi Party, the American Communist Party and Communist China — a nice ‘all American’ group huh?

Now if you actually bother to click on the Communist Party’s website link… I challenge you to find any discernable difference between their ‘communist platform’ and the platform of today’s Democrat Party.  Take your time, get back with us when you can.

Anything supported by George Soros, unions and communists is not—I repeat ‘not’ in the best interest of America..

In 2008, the Democrat party launched “Obama’s Floating Castle of Candy-filled Socialism.”  Unfortunately for them, today it’s collapsing under the weight of its own utopian green-energy bull**** and they’re getting nervous.

And make no mistake— a socialistic/communistic government is a VERY lucrative business to a few ‘select groups’— I’m sorry,  the word ‘business’ is wrong, because making ‘a profit’ is not required to be paid massive amounts of ‘other people’s money.’

“All good socialists have villas in Southern France. That’s not the point.” – Eurosocialist

This is why we have been seeing more and more protests and marches from union members and/or their ‘always clueless’ yet ‘always outraged’ hired-mobs.

It’s already getting ugly and we are over a year away from the 2012 election…  JFK would be forcibly removed from this Democrat Party.   Stick around—as their desperation increases, so will the ugliness.  They are predictable too..

This should be the theme song for today’s Democrat party…

By the way, I wrote a song for them…  Let’s play ‘Cowboys & Communists’, shall we?

Joe Dan Gorman is a writer, multi-media producer and owner of 

UPDATE – Flaming Communists at OWS RAlly… actually frightening stuff.