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by: Joe Dan Gorman, JoeDanMedia

As we begin what is arguably the most important year in modern history of our country—I would like to offer this prayer for America.

Dear Lord, give us the patience and strength….

  • to comprehend the magnitude of what we are willingly and arrogantly throwing away.
  • to help us–if even but for a brief moment– to feel the pain of those who came before us and sacrificed to create and to protect this ‘one nation, under God.’
  • and to feel the love of God & country—that inspired some to give all.
  • to help us open our neighbor’s eyes to certain truths, more specifically, that the fight for freedom is a never-ending battle and there are certain elements that will never rest until the USA is no more.
  • Give us the strength to set aside our selfishness and embrace selflessness so we may once again provide FOR our children… not place burdens upon them.
  • that we may regain the faith and desire to rebuild that “shining city on the hill”— this “one nation under God, indivisible’ provides ‘liberty and justice for ALL”—NOT liberty & justice just for a select few breathtakingly selfish, anti-God, big government socialists.

As we stand here at the precipice of 2012— the lights are going dark at a frightening pace—but the United States of America has faced dark days before  and with the strength of God’s love we somehow always prevailed.

Now we must once again summon this unparalleled strength, courage  and faith…  so we may fight the fight…we know is right.

Because this war’s not over…

God bless the United States of America…. OORAH!!!!!!

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