Trying to fire up the team

Dear Diary…

Well… my latest attempt to ‘fire up‘ my conservative brothers and sisters, sure did backfire.  I made some folks so mad— they de-friended me on facebook, blocked my tweets, changed their Yahoo screen-name, reported me to Skype, uncircled my Google Plus and left nasty comments on my YouTube channel.  Wow, that stings.

But somehow… I managed to press forward through the lonely digital abyss, clinging to my conservatism like a half-melted popsicle…

…in the sun.

And this ill-conceived notion that I am secretly supporting Obama the Destroyer because I dared offer a stinging, fact-based critique of the self-centered ‘do-nothing’ ideology we lovingly call conservatism… is laughable.  I AM a conservative, just not one of the new fake ones.  So despite my less than enthusiastic enthusiasm… of course I’m supporting Romney. Anyone supporting Obama is an idiot, an enemy, or both.

Side note, Dear Diary:  I get along well with everyone… but people.

Anyway, since I’d made so many folks mad—I came up with this GREAT idea to make it up to everyone—- I decided to throw a giant party! And what better theme to get everyone’s blood pumping than “Great Accomplishments of Conservatism in America” …YAY!!!!! [cue the marching band]

….and that’s when the symtoms of severe depression first became noticeable.

Am I missing something here?  Have we actually achieved nothing since Ronald Reagan?  Now let’s be clear, ‘winning an election’ aka ‘occasionally slowing our frantic sprint to the left’ is hardly ‘an achievement’— but hey, we’ll take it.

“Pretty bird”

Holy Empty Trophy Case Batman… We’ve done nothing. Squat.  Goose-eggs. Nada. Are you kidding me? We’re like the little blind kid so happy to have a pet, he didn’t notice it was a dead bird with no head.

Sad, but true: The number of significant conservative achievements in the past ten years is less than the number of muslim country-western singers.

Please feel free to use the comment section below to list the accomplishments that are obviously eluding me. [somebody said 1994’s Contract with America—but I believe that expired, didn’t it?]

As conservatives we look to history on how best to approach our problems.  And as a result, we have glorious solution after glorious solution.  Heck, a few major adjustments here and there, and we could fix the economy AND get our moral compass out of hock.

At least they didn’t call him a ‘Christian”

In the meantime, look at the flip-side..the Liberal side…the dark side.  These guys are kicking our butts three ways to Sunday.  ‘Everything they destroy’ is a feather in their cap.  Now they’ve got our government endorsing gay marriage, gays in the military and gay history in schools. If God was gay… singing hymns would be mandatory.

Despite winning our fair share of elections— we’re still having a massive shift to the anti-God Left. Once liberals got their poisonous fangs in our school system (via the creation of the Dept of Education in 1979)— they’ve been steamrolling us.

And in addition to our schools, we’ve also lost all control of our media.  Business is at the mercy of an unregulated and anti-capitalism police force known as The Environmental Protection Agency.  While public displays of our faith are forbidden, some American cities are actually more tolerant of unbathed people that take craps and urinate in public.

While they’re getting resultswe’re getting our asses beat.

And their/our government is absolutely everywhere…  this wildly florescent thought hit me as I sat perched atop my government-approved low-flow toilet…. awaiting my government approved CFL light bulb to warm up so I could read the @#$%  newspaper… I’m not bitter.

We’re actually thinking about starting an Anti-Apathy group.

Now meet Mr. Conundrum…. conservative ideas rarely meet conservative action.

So Dear Diary…until next time I will remain ‘a man on a mission’— a lonely lonesomeness… like a waffle-cone without ice cream.


This is so not about “liberal versus conservative” —that’s crap.  It is ALL about having no moral compass since we allowed the Anti-God forces to go hog-wild with their Separation of Church and State nonsense.

Government just used YOUR tax-dollars to defend a cross-dressing freak’s right to use a public Ladies’ restroom, but they forbid teachers from talking about Jesus or using any form of the word ‘Christmas’ at Christmas time because it is offensive?

This ain’t left versus right—this is right versus wrong.

And make no mistake… this once great “One Nation Under God’ is in serious, serious trouble— we better start talking to God again.

Dante had a cool quote…

“The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in a time of moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.” (circa 1315 A.D.)

Come see what we’re throwing away. Visit and support the Judeo-Christian Freedom Alliance.