All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. – Edmund Burke

How is history going to judge our generation? By all indications, it won’t be very kind, nor should it be. Most of us are content to blame the secular left— but we deceive ourself because it’s easier to blame someone else than accept responsibility for our own shortcomings (ask Obama)… and we don’t even have to adjust our recliner. But the truth is that we have no one to blame but ourselves for allowing the situation to get so heinously out of control.

Our breathtakingly-predictable apathy has become ‘nectar’ for the secular left… and it’s been that way for decades (generally speaking of course).

We lost the media— but we watch & support their shows.  We lost our schools— but we send our kids and our money.

And now ‘One Nation Under God’ just stands there and watches as God gets beat up and spit on… day after day after day after day…

Shame on us.

Now we’re not the first generation to shirk our societal responsibilities to our children…and to our children’s childrenbut we may very well be the last generation with a chance to do something about it.

We’re living in a ‘circus of society’s victims’ where right is wrong and good is bad….and it’s on every channel.  And while the absurdities of moral relativism are reaching the predicted chaotic climax…the popular American phrase “there are no dumb questions” has now morphed into “there are no dumb answers”…so stupid people won’t feel so stupid about being stupid…. or something.

We are NOT the world, and we’re NOT children…

In this Multi-Cultural “We are the World” Freak Show that has now become America… we can’t even celebrate our own customs and traditions for fear of being sued for offending some minority group.  And the term ‘minority’ is no longer synonymous with race, it now includes sexual preference and legal status.  In the meantime, Judeo-Christian morals and standards are now equivalent to hate crimes and racism.

If you are SO offended by a loving, welcoming and ‘voluntary’ God…to the point that you will initiate litigation—then YOU are the intolerance, YOU are the problem… and it is YOU that should be removed from the public square—not God.

Even winning our fair share of elections has not prevented our leftward leap… it merely slows it a bit.

Yet we continue to speak with great concern about what ‘might happen’ without seeing what HAS already happened.

What is wrong with us?  Have the boiled frogs been thoroughly cooked?

We have the greatest solutions to some of the world’s most complex problems, but apprently we view the simple task of getting off of our ass as some new un-achievable addendum to the Law of Gravity.

“Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.” ~John 3:18

Those of us that actually have the gumption to take action are an unfocused and scattershot group— chasing ‘individual issue’ after ‘individual issue’ across an ever-growing spectrum of outrages… BUT if you will take the time to look closely (and I hope that you will)—you will see that almost without exception— every one of these individual issues is a by-product of the God problem.

So, although the solution is simple—the task is not. Fix the God problem.

On the other hand, our grandchildren will be pleased to know that we had some really good excuses.


Joe Dan Gorman is a writer, multi-media producer and a founding member of the new Judeo-Christian Freedom Alliance, Inc.

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