It takes intentional deception or just plain ignorance to believe that our Founding Fathers intended or would tolerate any restrictions on religion. They did place heavy restrictions on Government…. restrictions that have been blatantly and repeatedly violated, shredded, burned, beaten, stabbed, electrocuted and sodomized by government.

In a total ‘mind-twisting event’ for the secular-left, the Founding Fathers actually brought religion and government together… and not in some obscure secret passage, but in the very first sentence of the very first amendment of the Bill Of Rights.  THIS is where one finds America’s Freedom of Religion clause…right above (or “just before”) the Freedom of Speech clause. And to suggest that this placement was unintentional or is insignificant is either foolish or dishonest (or both).

But what really insults the ‘elite’ secular intelligencia is that the Founding Fathers included only ONE RULE: “Leave religion alone.”  That’s it. Government was forbidden from making any law that had anything to do with religion… AND Government was further forbidden from interfering with the free exercise of religion…in any way.  No exceptions. Not then, not now and not in the future. None. Zero. Nada.

And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is ‘The Wall that Thomas Jefferson referenced in his famous letter to the Danbury Baptists.  The wall was to protect religion from government…NOT vice versa….as has been so grossly and intentionally mischaracterized.  But it makes no difference because Jefferson’s letter is not the constitution anyway.

And the original language contained in the constitution is not at all ambiguous: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;”

What’s so difficult about that?  Nothing is what.  It is only convoluted by those who seek to undermine this freedom—because they don’t like it.

Well, no matter if you like it or not…. and no matter how hard you try, you cannot separate politics and religion.  More importantly, and contrary to the secular-left hand-wringers who hyperventilate at the mere thought of Christians… the result is not ‘one extreme or the other.’ In fact, even in the perfect Judeo-Christian world, Judeo-Christian teachings do not call for a theocracy, nor should it. But no one has EVER addressed this highly volatile subject more beautifully or more wisely than our Founding Fathers.

Our founders created a balance that would endure for over 200 years…in what would become the greatest nation ever created by man.

From ‘Zero to Superpower’ in less than 2 Centuries is fast.

From Zero to a Superpower in less than 2 Centuries flat?  That is absolutely astonishing… by ANY standards.

But what made this government system so special was not only the integrity of some of the most brilliant minds in history coming togetherbut the two primary ingredients contained in the blueprints: God and freedom.

No civilization in the history of the world has ever experienced such a rapid rise from creation to global super-power. Ever. Now of course, there is no perfect government….but the government set up by our Founding Fathers is by far, the closest thing to it.

And there has never been a close second.

European Exceptionalism? lol.

Ever heard the phrase European Exceptionalism?

— and you won’t

To further illustrate the point… we’re going to use an old parlor trick known as common sense (which was eventually replaced by the iPad).

America was not an accident. Our Founding Fathers studied past civilizations and past styles of governments meticulously and honestly (extra emphasis on honestly). Their only agenda was freedomand how best to insure this freedom for future generations.

Our Founding Fathers did not ban books or ideologies, they studied them all— and learned from them all— some ‘what to do’ and some ‘what not to do.’  They studied ideas that were failures, ideas that were successes and ideas that were near misses.

Our founding Fathers did not embrace the Judeo-Christian principles because they were religious zealots, they embraced the Judeo-Christian principles because they are the principles of goodness, the principles of morality and the principles of justice.

This is why our Founding Fathers wisely created this amazing republic (not a democracy as so many government-educated Americans erroneously believe).

US Capitol 1920

The founders also wisely implemented our current system of the ‘three branches of government’, which takes its roots from…SURPRISE…. the Judeo-Christian Bible.  Yes, the Bible.

“For the Lord is our judge (judicial branch) the Lord is our lawgiver (legislative branch), the Lord is our king (executive branch); He will save us” (Isaiah 33:22)

Look it up. We’ll be here when you get back.

Now, if you actually read the U.S. constitution—- its purpose is clear: To restrain government, not it’s citizens.

In writing this magnificent constitution, the founders looked to the recent history of the time…  the Church of England. The problem was not religion… the problem was government interference with religion.

Abraham Lincoln’s Bible

And some things never change…

So fast forward almost two centuries—> in order to implement restrictions on this heinous religious thing… the ‘anti-God forces’ would need to circumvent the founder’s language in the constitution language.

So in 1947, knowing that Congress’ could NEVER make any law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;”—they turned to an activist court system to legislate from the bench.

Despite all the grand achievements of the founders, and although not apparent for over 200 years—- there was a flaw—a tiny crack in the boat that over-time could sink the entire ship:

The Founding Fathers failed to anticipate a rogue court system.  

The language “Congress shall make no law” was specifically used because the Founding Fathers empowered and recognized ONLY Congress as the ‘law-making’ legislative branch — NOT the aforementioned ‘agenda-driven’ activist judges– who believe God to be merely unwelcome competition.


Cambrian Era fossils caused Darwin some doubts about his own theories,

Don’t force your religious beliefs on me” says the school system who intentionally ignores the Cambrian era fossils while glorifying the theories of Charles Darwin.

What kind of open, honest, evolved and rational thought process can possibly defend banning even the discussion of the most historically significant book EVER from our schools?  And I’m talking about the bible.

What other historical entity has survived thousands of years of attacks, ridicule and scrutiny?  How is this not worthy of respect?  Especially from scholars and academics?

Is there no honest quest for truth?  Does wisdom no longer call?

Our schools teach the “theories of Chales Darwin” yet not a word of ‘the Cambrian Era’, which caused Darwin himself to have doubts about his theory of evolution.

At which level of Darwinian evolution do we actually “achieve open minds’ so that we stop censoring ideas, facts and assorted historical data that disagree with and/or disprove our selected agenda?

In closing…

The primary arguments against ‘freedom of religion’ in America today are these:

  1. This irrational fear of a theocracy, which is total crap—a baseless argument, again grounded in total ignorance.  Unlike Islam, the Judeo-Christian bible teaches it’s followers to follow the laws of man… it is not remotely intended to serve as a governmental model.  We believe God would not have given us ‘free will’ had he intended to micro-manage our affairs..  So God absolutely instructs us to obey man’s laws unless they violate God’s laws, and….
  2. The insincere fear of offending other religions and non-believers.  Those that are offended by our traditions, our symbols and our heritage are welcome to close their eyes, turn their heads, leave or kiss a donkey if one is available.. No society should be forbidden from celebrating it’s traditions for fear of offending newcomers. That’s insane. Eighty percent of Americans still describe themselves as Christian, so we’re still the majority today, like we were in 1776.
NOTE FROM AUTHOR: I was actually inspired to write this by a couple of my conservative web-head friends, who said, “It’s unwise to mix religion and
politics.” Personally I’m glad our Founding Fathers disagreed. 
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