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Truthfully… a ‘real’ Christian should only need ‘one’ reason, but today’s Democrat Party actually provides a smorgasbord of reasons that you cannot be both Christian AND Democrat. It’s like a vegetarian that eats a lot of meat (but with much harsher and eternal consequences).

It wasn’t always this way with Democrats. Albeit briefly, I was once a democrat…then at the ripe-old-age of 19, I switched parties so I could vote for a guy named Ronald Reagan.  Anyway, while we always, always, always disagreed… I never considered that Democrats didn’t love God and Country…and I SURE didn’t think they were an ‘enemy’ of the United States.

Oh my goodness, how some things can change.

True Christians (not your “we are the world” coffee-house biblical-buffet pseudo-Christians) have no choice but to vote republican…because it’s NOT the republican party that continues to ‘judicially-add’ restrictions to our constitutionally guaranteed Freedoms of Religion– it’s the Democrats. (So much for constitutional guarantees, huh?)

We vote republican because the Democrat Party– our only other option— has not only rejected God “lock-stock-and-barrel”– but they’ve become an actively hostile enemy of God.  The entire national platform of the Democrat Party has been hijacked by anti-God radicals. Disagree all you want…but the facts don’t lie.

Democrats are responsible for

  • the removal of our ten commandments,
  • the removal of our crosses,
  • the removal of Christmas,
  • the removal of Nativity Scenes,
  • the removal of prayer,
  • the removal of bibles,
  • and on and on and on…..

Why? —because our ‘Christian traditions & beliefs’ are ‘now” offensive to some minority groups.  (So lets offend the majority?)

BUT on the ‘stunningly hypocritical’ other hand—if it’s about sex, penises, transgenders, teenage promiscuity, abortions, blowjobs in the Whitehouse, or just about any  ‘moral-free’ activity— the Democrat Party embraces it, sometimes they giggle and sometimes they have a cigar afterwards.

Let’s start with the big kahuna… Abortion.  To distract you from undeniable facts… your “Pro-Abortion Professionals” attempt to create ‘non-existent gray areas of morality.’

The morally-disconnected thought-process used to rationalize this insanely barbaric practice is this,  “Although we know this ‘fetus’ will grow to be a living, breathing human child— “it’s okay… as long as we kill it FAST

Self-Extermination is so civil

The “When does life begin?” argument is total nonsense.

We know that the ‘very instant’ the sperm and egg connect.. the life-process begins.  The growth of a human being begins.  This is not debatable.  And we don’t need gross pictures to make our point.

She sure seems awful proud of herself, huh?

If you remove ‘living tissue’ and it dies—you’ve killed it.  End of story.

What about the woman’s right to choose what she does with her body?

Number one— generally speaking, the woman is in this situation because ‘she made’ a series of ‘BAD choices’ about what to do with her body.  And it was these poor life choices that impregnated her—not the government, and certainly not the taxpayers (maybe ‘a’ taxpayer– but probably not).

This is no longer a choice…it’s a consequence.  Abortion is the legal snuffing out of innocent life… God’s most precious gift.  And you cannot possibly support this and be a Christian.  No way.

In just one year, 2008 (the last available year per the CDC) over one million legal abortions occurred in the United States, 50% of these women were younger than 25, 47% of the women were repeat customers and less than 20% were married.


Over the past 20 years, we have seen power-hungry, Democrat appointed federal judges go ‘hog-wild’ with this Separation of Church and State nonsense. As a result, God’s removal from the public square has left us with no moral compass.  None.  Look around…  An activist Court in California overturned election results (the will of the people) to legalize Gay Marriage?  A family with BOTH parents is becoming the exception and not the rule?  Christmas carols are offensive, but NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association) is free speech?

Federal-Level Democrats don’t even try to hide their contempt for Christianity anymore.  Take the Senate Democrat Leader Harry Reid, for example— while reading from a prepared speech on the Senate Floor, he recited the Pledge of Allegiance and intentionally and pompously left out the phrase “One Nation Under God.”

And don’t forget the Obama administration ‘asked’ Georgetown to cover up Jesus before President Obama was to speak there.

I could cite case after case after case after case…. but it’s not necessary.  The Book of Romans tells us that man is INDEED to abide by man’s law— but the book Acts reminds us that God’s Laws take priority.

This is no longer about left and right… This is about right and wrong.