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Rock out & enjoy awesome mocha at Heartland the High-Tech “Church”

Back in April, I wrote a piece called “Where in the hell are the churches?” In it, I detail how I was denied baptism by Kansas City’s Heartland Community Church because of my political views.

Now I’m publicly chronicling these events because it’s an ‘eyeball to eyeball’ look at the most important piece of our society that is becoming poisoned by liberalismand nobody talks about it.

Our Churches.

Heartland Community Entertainment Center & Coffee House

I used to naively believe there was an ‘invisible line’ that most folks, regardless of ideology… would never cross when it comes to a universal respect of God and the Holy Bible— like not pretending to be a church—but I stand corrected. Now this invisible line does exist… but fewer and fewer see it, and even less than that respect it..

And liberals respect nothing but their agendas… not even the future of their own children, who they continue to selfishly and voluntarily bury under mountains and mountains of unnecessary debt.  But that’s another story…

So, we’ll just call this follow-up piece “The Final Chapter”at least it’s my final chapter with Heartland…(unless they apologize, ha ha).

Anyway, aside from being denied baptism by Heartland— I was ridiculed, insulted and ‘invited’ to go elsewhere by three different representatives.  I was ignored by even more than that— including the very eloquent Pastor Dan Deeble.  The church of course denied and/or ignored all of this—as they do with much of reality.

But finally on August 16, after nearly a year of ‘avoiding the question’ of ‘why‘ I was turned away by the church— Heartland’s Head of Men’s Ministry emailed the following explanation:

I understand that you used your Baptism Class as a opportunity to share your ideas and it freaked some people out.

Heartland Pastor Dan Deeble, a great motivational speaker is even more accomplished at ignoring emails

Actually…first of all, this is a complete 180–because he’s indirectly confirming my allegation.  And secondly, this explanation is not that far-fetched, because I do have a big mouth.  But the problem here… is that it’s a lie. I never attended their Baptism Study classes.

When I pointed out the lie—this Heartland rep actually promptly apologized… then unbelievably proceeded to replace the now ‘debunked lie’ with a brand NEW lie….while ‘reverting back’ to the original position of ‘it never happened.’

But that’s what liberals do.  So catching a liberal in a lie is hardly worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize… it’s in their genes.

But I don’t need to waste any more of your time detailing their disconnected nonsense— to make my point.

Sometimes you just don’t see there’s a problem until you are standing at the right angle—like seeing the streaks in freshly wiped glass—you ‘thought’ was clean.

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There are so many things to be upset about here…but that’s where we need to STOP AND FOCUS.  It does no good to waste energy on the by-products of a much, much bigger problem.

These ‘quote-unquote’ churches are not Houses of God—but Motivational Entertainment Centers & Coffee Houses. They’re loyalties are not to God, but to man…and they certainly do not stand for Christianity.

While Heartland may be more of an ‘extreme’ example— regardless of your church’s size and location— the fundamentals remain constant.

Does your church speak out against the attacks on Christianity?  It’s a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question.

Liberals say.. “it’s not that simple.”

Well, actually it is that simple.  But that’s what makes liberals ‘liberals’ — their agendas are more important that truth or logic.  They convolute that which is simple, and morality is nothing but abstract opinion…. so “Who are you to dictate MY morals?”

Well, if you claim to be a Christian church… the Holy Bible should dictate your morals. In fact, and despite their clear technological handicaps, the 1844 US Supreme Court which actually ruled in favor of the bible said, Where can the purest principles of morality be learned so clearly or so perfectly as from the New Testament?”

My conversations with these church-going liberals have proven to be the most frustrating attempts at communication I have ever experienced in my life.  Nailing Jello is actually a very accurate phrase.  They will complain at length about ‘your malicious intentions behind the question’ but they’ll never actually touch the question.   These liberal church people, ALL of them— have the reasoning of a child with the ‘question-dodging skills’ of a seasoned politician.

They love you. They pray for you. They appreciate you. They are your friend… Just don’t ax any questions, capiche?

Inasmuch as I can tell you unequivocally…  I vote republican because the Democrat Party has become an enemy of religion, and can cite case after case to support my position— a liberal that claims to be a Christian cannot explain why he votes Democrat.

Because as I have said, Christians cannot vote Democrat.

If your pastor speaks out against the attacks against out faith, symbols & traditions—God bless him.  He and your church are fighting the good fight of faith (Timothy).

On the other hand…if your church does and says ‘nothing’ —-then they are aiding and abetting “those that stand against God.” Period. And those who sit in quiet acquiescence are just as guilty as those tearing down the Ten Commandments.

And a church that won’t speak out for Christianity is holding man’s laws above those of God—and they are not a church.  [fruitcake note: Speaking out is not a call to arms].

You cannot stand for the bible while standing against it. (Revelation 3:16)

And if you take your faith seriously— you need to find a church that does as well.

Enable (v) – to make possible, practical, or easy

If you don’t know where your church stands— you need to ask.

Now I’ve used strong words like hypocrites, liars and bigots, but unlike most liberals—I actually know what they mean— so I don’t do so lightly.  These words are NOT written with hate—they are written because they are facts.  And as a Christian, I love these people and I ask that everyone to pray for these guys.  Because while many of these liberal Church People are themselves ‘deceivers’ —most of them are just deceived.

“Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.” 1 John 4:1

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Joe Dan Gorman is a writer and multi-media producer at JoeDanMedia.com and host of Intellectual Frog Legs.