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From Dave at MoonbatteryHow did left-wing radical fruitcakes like the Taxman in Chief take control of America and steer it on a course that history has repeatedly proven leads to disaster?

True moonbats have always been a small percentage of the population. But even if their ideology is communist crazy, their strategy is sound. They took over the schools and the media. From there destroying America has been child’s play. Class is in session at Joe Dan Gorman’s Frogleg University:

Briscoe DarlingThis week’s cool tunage… Kansas, The O’Jays, Chicago, ZZ Top, Led Zepplin, Kid Rock, Bob Segar and Elvis Presley.

OH, and Briscoe Darling from Mayberry!

We look at the importance of creating alternatives and tactics to take the power away from the radical left-wingers that now DOMINATE our schools and media…this cannot be emphasized enough, nor can it be exaggerated.

The path to ‘saving our country’ goes directly through the schools and media—we cannot go around it, over it or under it and we can no longer ignore it—IF we ever hope to welcome God & Common Sense back to America.