drIt’s not a political speech… it is a truth speech from an incredible, giving and brilliant man who, despite the odds — has achieved a remarkable life; drawing strength where most see weakness…and defying the tired old, class warfare arguments perpetrated by our media and an ignorant, lazy society.

If you stop this video early, you will only cheat yourself.  Please enjoy and share it with people who need to hear it… liberals and children…(but I repeat myself).

Dr. Carson is a remnant of American Exceptionalism… that many believed long dead.. and a testament to the positive impact that only God can have on a man’s life.

ALSO: He references an academic question from the 1800s, if you know what it is, please share and link in the comment section.

Now, there is only one person that doesn’t seem to enjoy this speech. See if you can pick that person out.

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